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As a registered organization, Comate has vast experience manufacturing flow meter products. Since 2008, Comate has focused on industrial flow meter manufacture and fluids measurement technologies! Based on feedback from a large group of consumers in more than 60 countries and regions across the world, Comate’s R&D team is constantly upgrading the most dependable and durable flow meters and inventing new types to meet the changing needs of the market!

Digital Vortex type Flow Meters and Thermal Mass Flow Meters for fluid process measurement application, steam measurement, compressed air system and industrial gases in textile, paper, heating-exchange system, boiler steam system, and other industries are examples of our most innovative and advanced technology.

Comate study the flow meter technology from the basis, we studies flow meter technology and designs and manufactures all of our products, from hardware to software. As result, Comate has better understanding of the goods we sell and the technology we employ, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, allowing us to provide greater assistance to our partners and their consumers.

 Flow measurement products

Vortex  flow meter 

Thermal mass flowmeter

Pitot tube flowmeter 

Air compressor efficiency auditing

Compressed air evaluating system

IoT solution & service 

VFM60MV Multivariable Vortex Type Flowmeter

Combines temperature & pressure compensation. A better measurement solution for steam, air, and gases process.VFM60MV also provide the widest range and dual-sensor technology provides superior anti-vibration.

  • Stable measurement in tough conditions
  • Multivariable measurement: temperature, pressure, mass flow, standard flow
  • Best small flow measurement with1:35 turndown ration
  • More compact design brings lower cost and maintenance time
  • Cellphone reading & Setting & Diagnosis
multivariable digital vortex type flow meter

Solution Showcase

Steam is the most used thermal carrier in all industries, including power, steal, automotive, textile, chemical etc. It is very important to have reliable and accurate measurement on steam for the users to improve cost saving.

Comparing with traditional DP meters and mechanical meters, vortex flow meter has clearly advantage in steam applications. It can provide with accurate measurement in a wide turn down while cause less pressure loss and require less maintaining. That is why vortex flow meter is the most welcomed technology for the measurement of steam, especially the steam at temperature under 350 dgr C.

Boiler process system

comate steam measurement solutions


Coal mine gas is the hydrodynamic gases existing in the coal mine layer. Its general component is methane, same as natural gas. The over quantity in coal mines is harmful for the workers and dangerous for mining work.

On the other hand, coal mine gas is a very efficient fuel which can be used in power, chemical and other industries. Thus it is important to process gas drainage in coal mining industry.

Natural gas measurement solutions


Compressor quick efficiency analyzing system- CAE350S

CAE350S for air compressor efficiency monitoring and auditing

Compressor network measuring and auditing-CAE820

kw110m mobile power meter


COMATE flow meters for compressed air consumption monitoring

A compressed air system includes air compressor sets, pipelines, air treatment instruments and air consumption facilities typically. As a critical power system and the central electricity consuming system in industry, it means 20% electricity consumption in metal industries and over 40% in the textile industry. A lot can be done to improve the power efficiency of a compressed air system to save energy and cut down the facility’s total cost. A robust evaluation system to monitor the compressed air system’s flow rate, pressure, and power consumption is essential for working out valuable means to improve general efficiency and save energy and cost.

Compressor on-line monitoring and instrument management on one phone or PC

  • Compressor online monitoring and instrument management on one phone or PC
  • Monitoring the instruments and click the icon to review the detail
  • Topology graph function layout of the whole plant and even whole factory
  • Alarm delay helping know anything wrong before it breaks down
  • Integrated instrument life management+ compressor analyzing + CRM system


Comate was founded in 2008 by a group of highly qualified and experienced engineers, and we have been focusing on flow meter product research and development since then. Our products now include vortex flow meters, thermal mass flowmeters, and pitot tube flow meters for measuring and monitoring steam, compressed air, and industrial process gases.

Comate flow meters are widely used in the food and beverage, textile, power and energy, mining, oil and gas, automobile, chemical, and other industries by users all over the world!