Benifits Of Monitoring Compressed Air

Compressed air as the mainly energy is used in many manufacturing process for many different applications. Though, a detailed monitoring let the business enjoy an efficient and effective compressed air system.

As the report said, one air compressor will account 20% of a company overall energy cost and cost will be more if there are a leak. According to the report one air compressor in 33kWh under 6bar for 10mm pipe, the cost will be EUR 15840 per year! Compressed air monitoring and leak detection can save thousands EUR a month in large industrial plants.

COMATE CAE350S Compressor Analyzing System

CAE350S compressor Analyzing System is Comate Intelligent Sensor’s latest solution specially designed for analyzing the performance of compressor. The system integrated flow meter (humidity sensor built inside), pressure sensor, power meter through pad APP and Bluetooth communication technology. Users will be able to read not only the standard flow rate, FAD flow rate, pressure, power consumption and efficiency, but also load/off loading times, unit power (power consumption per unit of compressed air), and power ratio (power efficiency under a certain productivity of compressed air).

CAE350S Air Compressor Analyzing System operating status

CAE350S do not have traditional display and setting system. To read or set the system, customer only need to use an PAD installed COMATE APP. All the hardware ingredients in the system will transfer date to TGF350 flow meter and the flow meter will communicate with cell phone/ pad. Anyone can easily read the date or set the system. The APP can also generate an detailed report with curve diagram to help customer to understand the condition of the compressor better or even compare the tested compressor with another compress.


Instead of traditional displaying and setting system, CAE350S system can be read and set on a PAD through blue tooth technology, by installing COMATE APP.

The setting dates are saved in flow meter separately, but all measurement dates are saved in TGF350S flow meter, which is the only component in CAE350S system that can built connection with the pad. Even when the pad is out of the range of the blue tooth of TGF350S, TGF350S itself can save 24hours measurement date in built-in FRAM. So once a cell phone/ pad connect with the system again, it can read the data of latest 24 hours.The APP can control the start and the end of a test, when the test stop, the APP will ask if need to save the data. Once the data saved on APP, customer can check it anytime later, and generate a very detailed report with curve diagram. Customer can send the report to mailbox once connected the PAD to internet. Through the help of Comate Flow Meter APP, customer can operate the system very easily with almost 0 training after registration and understanding some basic terms of the system.

comate flow meter analyzing softwear

comate flow meter analyzing software report

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