Vortex flow meters measurement principle according to “Karman vortex” theory flow will alternately generate vortices when passing by the vortex shedding body. Vortex shedding flow meter designed for gas flow, steam or liquid’s volume flow, standard volume flow or mass flow measurement. Vortex flow meter is an reliable & advanced flow meter widely application in compressed air measurement, steam&natural gas custody transfer due to low pressure loss, wide measurement range, high accuracy, no moving parts, meter parameter can be in long – term stability and will not influenced by density, pressure, temperature and viscosity when measuring actual volume flow.

Comate Intelligent Sensor

Comate Intelligent Sensor is the leading manufacturer of vortex flow meter in China. The high accuracy VFM60MV built-in temperature&pressure transmitter and dual probe design capable of working where there is vibration.

An customer located in Thailand asking for vortex shedding flow meter in 1%RD accuracy for compressed air measurements in DN150. After technical exchanges Comate team offered the VFM60MV DN150.  We also advise to download COMATE Bluetooth App then customer can remote control flow meter on their smart phone to review the real-time flow values and with the help of self-diagnosis, user can adjust the parameter directly on phone this are more saving time and human costs!

multivariable digital vortex type flow meter

COMATE vortex flow meter bluetooth APP

VFM60MV Digital Vortex Flow Meter