A compressed air system normally includes air compressor sets, pipe line, air treatment instrument and air consumption facilities. As a important power system and a main electricity consuming system in industry, it means 20% electricity consumption in metal industries and over 40% in textile industry. There is a lot can be done to improve the power efficiency of a compressed air system to save energy and cut down the facility’s total cost. A powerful evaluation system to monitor the flow rate, pressure, power consumption of the compressed air system is important for working out useful means to improve the general efficiency, and further to save energy and cost. VFM60MV-Multivariable Digital Vortex Flowmeter
compressed air measurement solutions  TGF450 thermal mass flow meter
Thermal mass flow meter

We provide our customers with a integrated solution of monitoring and evaluating all important parameters in a compressed air system, including flow rate, pressure, temperature and power consumption to understand everything about the system’s performance, efficiency and the room for improvement. Our PDR80 date logger and our PC software help to integrate the date and generate graph for easy understanding.

compressed air measurement solutions

The graph for evaluation

CAE820 can record all important parameters of the compressed air system.

The system can do to the compressed air system:

Measurement and record of the power consumption
Calculate the price of each unit of the air
Measure and record the consumption of the air
Pressure monitoring
Record all the date and transfer to computer or host
Un-usual reading alarm