How To Measure Compressed Air Flow Rate

Compressed air is an important secondary energy for industrial production, there are so many instruments to measure the gas glow in which compressed air flow meter is highly preferable and usable. They are available in a range of accuracies and are ideal for dry, clean gas flow management. These tools are excellent for measuring gas flow and energy consumption. If you are looking for the compressed air flow meters and want to know tips to select and install, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you the tips to select & amp and install compressed air flow meters wisely.

1, Choose the right type flow meter for your application:

There are three types of air compressed flow meters available in the market. Dry, wet, and air.  The most common use is thermal mass flow meter which based on thermal diffusion theory can measure standard and mass flow directly without extra compensation and exactly due to this limit it for the wet air system. Along with that, you need to choose the right technology and model that match your requirements.

2, Make sure air quality matches the flow meter:

Whether you are opting for the dry compressor flow meter, wet or airy, all of them are sensitive to air. In order to prevent sensor degradation, we recommend you place thermal mass meters in dry air downstream. Along with that for differential pressure flow meters combination of too much water and dirt can clog the sensor.

3, Beware of temperature sweep:

Ignore rapid and large temperature variations e.g downstream a malfunctioning desiccant dryer. This thing can show an adverse effect on the measurement of the flow meter, and extreme temperature can damage the durability of the instrument as well. If you are looking for a high-quality based gas flow meter, you can contact us.

4, Be aware of reverse flow conditions:

In a compressed gas flow meter, the flow of gas can reverse unexpectedly. And only bi-directional flow meters can identify it. This reverse flow can cause several types of issues with the ring network, multiple compressor rooms, leakage inside compressors, filters, drains, and dryers.

5, Create enough straight pipes:

If you want an accurate gas flow measurement, you need to install the systematic, straight pipe. Install your flow meter at the recommended distance from valves and blends.

6, Pulsating water flow

Compressor like reciprocating compressor always has pulsating water flow in the outlet. And then the value of the vortex flowmeter will be higher. There’s two ways to solve this, one is installing a buffer-tank before the flow meter to filter the pulse. Or just place the vortex flowmeter far from where three is pulsating.