The defference saturated steam and superheated steam

When water is heated beyond the boiling point, it vaporizes into steam or water in the gaseous state. Saturated steam generated when water is heated to the boiling point and when further heated above the saturation point, it becomes super-heated steam.

difference between the saturated steam & superheated steam

Application of superheated steam and saturated steam.

  • Heating
  • Humidification
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial power

The properties of steam vary greatly with the pressure and temperature changes. For accurate measurement and monitoring of steam it’s better to considered as superheated steam measures have temperature and pressure compensation. But consider the cost issues, customers can also only for temperature or pressure compensation. An ideal saturated steam state, refers to the temperature, pressure and steam density of the three one-to-one correspondence, Know one of the other two values is fixed. Steam with this relationship is saturated steam, otherwise it can be considered superheated steam for metering. Briefly, the value of pressure and temperature are correspondence, but not for superheated steam.

Technologies in measuring superheated steam and saturated steam accurate(Full details pls click here )

Vortex flow meter have incomparable superiority in steam measures as far. Compact design and built-in temperature and pressure compensation offered high accuracy.

The density of steam will influence the results of measurement and the density of steam varies with the temperature and pressure changes. Have temperature and pressure compensation in steam measurement is important. Under same pressure the density of steam will be different when seam is saturated or superheated. Then the compensation model will be different too. Besides, super heated steam can transfer to saturated steam during long way delivery, a meter capable to measure this two status becomes more essential.

Superated steam &  Saturated steam calculation table

To measure the mass flow of steam is by known the volume flow on the pipe and the density of a certain temperature and pressure. For saturated steam it’s easy to know the density only need to check the table under given temperature or pressure factor. For superheated steam measurement high accuracy temperature and pressure compensation will be the only way since the different pressure and different temperature with different density.

Velocity Pipe size Volume flow Density under a
certain temperature&pressure
Mass flow
in kg/T/lb
2 50 14.12 4.128 58.31
70 50 494.35 4.128 2040.68

For saturated steam measurement there will three ways:

High accurate temperature and pressure compensation;

Temperature compensation;

Pressure compensation;

Comate VFM60MV multivariable digital vortex type flowmeters with temperature and pressure compensation are designed for steam measurement. Besides, unique dual probe design SSP(Spectral Signal Processing) make sure in high accuracy in 1%RD and capable of working where there is vibration.

VFM60MV series support high temperature up to 350°C solved problems when temperature over 250°C requires external temperature and pressure for compensation.

  • multivariable vortex meter anti-vibration
  • Integral temperature and pressure transmitter, ideal technology for steam(especially for superheated steam ), gas, compressed air process measurement
  • 1.0% reading accuracy overall
  • Dual-sensor technology, detect flow signal and meanwhile the vibration signal and analysis and deliver the most accurate flow data
  • can measure low flow down to 2m/s and high up to 70m/s
  • Bluetooth software support