Comate was founded in 2008, formally, and we have been in this field for more than 14 years, amazing!

We have previously focused on domestic selling in China and offer flow meter products for foreign customers since 2013.

Comate is a manufacturer who just focus on few types flow meter products but for steam, air and gas applications and combines software with hardware. We have seen that today there are also many factories internationally. However, their level of craftsmanship is still stuck in a few years ago.

In fact, the flowmeter products of Comate has been upgraded in recent years, and Comate hope our advanced technology can inject fresh blood into this market.

Consumers deserve a better flow meters.

Comate manufacturing few types flow meters products, our key model are digital vortex shedding flow meter, thermal mass flowmeters, and pitot tube flow meter across the steam, compressed air and industrial gas measurement system.

The main area we serviced for is

  • Saturated steam, superheated steam monitoring & custody transfer
  • Dry, wet compressed air inlet/outlet of the compressor monitoring
  • Measurement Nature gas, biogas process control, and custody transfer
  • Compressed air, Natural gas, biogas, Oxygen, Argon, Hydrogen, special area
  • Coal, power, Incineration, Landfill gas, Petrochemical industry and gas measurement in Heating supply system
  • Flare gas, etc high temperature gas measurement
  • etc.

Yes, our vortex flow meter and thermal mass flow meter both have ISO9001 & CE certificated and Ex-proof.

There are two different technology of thermal mass flow meter sensor make: consistent temperature difference and consistent heating current.

Comate types thermal mass flowmeters by analyzing  the temperature difference between the sensors and computed the mass flow directly, which makes no zero-off problem in long-term running purpose and always have durable and stable data output.

Comate have three type thermal mass flow meters:

  • TGF460 one of economical mode with anti-ejection designed for compressed air, nitrogen gas application;
  • TGF600 with more rugged design to adapt to harsh industrial applications, like Coal, power, Incineration, Landfill gas, Petrochemical industry and gas measurement in heating supply system, flare gas, etc high temperature gas measurement;
  • TGF200 for small pipes from 8mm~25mm gas consumption calculate;

Vortex flow meter utilizing “Karman vortex” theory, which can meet the requirement of measuring the flow rate of various fluids such as gas, steam and liquid.

Comate VFM60 series digital vortex type flow meter combines our state-in-art technology have very good anti-vibration signal process technology which can deliver the real flow signal in a vibration situation, with that makes VFM60 series vortex meter can measure low flow down to 2m/s. Besides that, Comate R&D team bring bluetooth technology into our flow meter products line which enable users access the flow meter via a cellphone app. Saving lots of time on get familiar with a new brand and good part is remote-diagnosis function can well bond relationships with your customers.

The insertion type thermal mass flow meter can be install without stop thepipe with the hot tap mounting hole tool.

The vortex flow meter is by “Karman vortex” theory can for liquid measurement, like hot water, oil, for oil we need to know viscosity first.
Coamte vortex flow meter no moving parts and in high accuracy(1%RD) don’t like turbine meter the accuracy will lower with the using time due to moving parts, and vortex flow meter are emulate magnetic flow meter in high temperature water measuring.

Yes, our own flow meter calibration device the sonic nozzle automatic calibration system with 0.03% accuracy is used to measure that every of our flow meter will be able to meet the accuracy and repeatability promised. And we offer one year warranty and life-time using and tech support service.

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