Welcome to FLOMEKO 2019 which is being held in Lisbon (Portugal), 26 – 28 June 2019, being the 18th Conference of IMEKO TC9 (Flow measurement), following a long tradition of events organized since the first one that took place in Groningen (the Netherlands) in 1978. (http://flomeko2019.lnec.pt)

This event will bring together experts in flow and volume measurements from industry, national metrology institutes, metrology and testing laboratories, regulators, service providers and other stakeholders from all over the world.

Participants from Countries worldwide will network in sessions on theoretical principles of flow measurement metrology and applied measurements in industries including energy, aeronautics, chemicals, healthcare and the environment. Papers and presentations will share knowledge from internationally recognized experts in their fields, providing innovative solutions and ideas.


The event will cover a wide variety of topics including but not limited to:
– Liquid, gas & multi-phase flows
– Air speed, volume
– Fluid properties
– Hydrocarbon flows, e.g.: LNG, CNG and so forth
– Primary standards, new calibration and inter-comparison facilities
– Critical Flow Venturi Nozzles
– Legal Metrology in Flow Measurement
– Analysis and assessment of uncertainties
– Development and performance of flow metering technology
– Micro-flow technology


Comate establishing in 2008, Comate have been focusing on focusing on industrial flow meter manufacturing and fluids measurement technology. Technical articles regarding

  • Diagnosis method of vortex flowmeter based on IOT
  • Pioto tube based on Mean Square Error Algorithm for Gas-liquid mixed phase flow gas flow measurement

selected and will possible be showed in this conference meeting.  See you in the conference then!

Comate at FLOMOKE conferenceComate at FLOMOKE Conference