TGF200 inline compressed air consumption meter

TGF200 compressed air consumption meter

for compressed air, Nitrogen gas comsumption in small size from 8mm~25mm pipeline.

Based on the principle of superior thermal disussion measurement technology, the TGF200 series compact inline flow sensor provide a low-cost option for correctly measuring dry, non-corrosive gas. This range is used in general industrial applications and laboratories to monitor the mass flow or standard flow inside tiny pipelines. This range is perfect for accurate compressed air measurement, with good turn-down and a variety of outputs.

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TGF200 Inline air flow meter is the ideal smaller diameters and at a point of use consumption measurement solution of compressed air systems.

This application is specially designed for air and N2 and other non-corrosive applications in the small pipe from 1/4″ to 1″ measurement, by G thread connection.

Features and benefits of TGF200 inline air flow meter

  • Thermal mass measuring technology, direct mass/standard flow measurement
  • Compact meter with two-stage flow conditioner give more stable measurement results
  • Applicable for compressed air and nitrogen
  • No moving parts, therefore low maintenance
  • Blue tooth brings friendly-operating
  • On-line diagnose available

Technical details of TGF200 flow meter

  • pulse/ModBus@RS485 as standard, 4~20mA for option
  • Medium measured of pressure up to 16bar, Temperature up to 100°C
  • From DN8~DN25 pipes(1/4”~1”)
  • 160ms response time
  • normal flow, mass flow measurement

Specification of TGF200 inline air meter

Media Compatibility  Air, Nitrogen and other non-corrosive fluid
Pipe diameter  8mm~25mm (1/4″~1″)
Flow velocity range  0.3~30Nm/s or 0.6~60Nm/s or 0.9~90Nm/s
Accuracy 1.5% of reading+ 0.3% of full scale
Repeatability 0.3% of reading
Storage Temperature -20~+50°c
Transportation Temperature -30~60°c
Temperature of medium -20~100°c
Pressure of medium  1.6 Mpa
Power supply  10~35 VDC / 200 mA
Response time 160 millisecond
Output  Frequency ,  4~20mA
Communication  RS~485, Bluetooth
Date displayed Mass flow, Volume flow in normal or standard condition
Total flow , Temperature,  and Velocity
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Wet part material Aluminum alloy (304SS and 316SS optional)
Ingress protection grade   IP54
1 Model TGF200- Basic Model
2 Flow range 1 0.3~30 Nm/s                                                                               Optional
2 0.6~60 Nm/s                                                                               Standard
3 0.9~90 Nm/s                                                                               Optional
3 Output A frequency, RS485 ,  blue tooth                                                 Standard
A frequency,4~20mA, RS485 ,  blue tooth                                Optional
4 Connection G G thread female
5 Pipe size 8 DN8 (1/4″)
10 DN10 (3/8″)
15 DN15 (1/2″)
20 DN20 (3/4″)
25 DN25 (1″)

Appendix, Standard flow rate for air and Nitrogen(unit in Nm3/min)

Pipe size
Pipe size
 Standard (Nm3/hr)
 Standard (Nm3/hr)
 Option hr (Nm3/hr)
Option  hr (Nm3/hr)
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
DN8 1/4” 0.05 5.4 0.1 10.8 0.2 16.3
DN10 3/8” 0.08 8.5 0.2 16.9 0.3 25.4
DN15 1/2” 0.19 19.1 0.4 38.1 0.6 57.2
DN20 3/4” 0.3 33.9 0.7 67.8 1 101.7 1.4 135.6
DN25 1” 0.5 52.9 1.1 105.9 1.6 158.9 2.1 211.9

(unit in NL/min)

Pipe size
Pipe size
 Standard (NL/min)
 Standard (NL/min)
 Option (NL/min)
Option (NL/min)
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
DN8 1/4” 0.9 90.4 1.8 180.8 2.7 271.2
DN10 3/8” 1.4 141.2 2.8 282.5 4.2 423.7
DN15 1/2” 3.2 317.8 6.4 635.6 9.5 953.4
DN20 3/4” 5.6 564.9 11.2 1129.9 16.9 1694.9 22.6 2259.9
DN25 1” 8.8 882.8 17.6 1765.5 26.5 2648.3 35.2 3531.1


A thermal mass flow meter works on the principle and measures the flow rate of gas mass based on the convective heat transfer of a heated surface to the flowing fluid.

The mass flow meter is being pumped with fluid. The tube twists somewhat when there is mass flow. The arm that directs fluid away from the axis of rotation must provide force to the fluid in order to increase its angular momentum and cause it to bend backwards.

Yes, most mass flowmeters feature 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs. Connect a totalizer/monitor to a matching input to keep track of total accumulation ( 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA).

As long as the mixture isn’t too intricate, this is possible. For pricing and availability of gas mixture calibrations, please contact our applications department.