Professional solution provider of compressed air measurement & monitoring

COMATE flow meter the leading manufacturer of industrial flow meters with over 16 years experience of researching , developing and manufacturing in flow measurement fields!

  • Multi-variable digital vortex flow meter
  • In-line thermal mass flow meter
  • Piotot tube flow meter for both dry & wet air
  • Instrument customized service
  • Intelligent data logger
  • Dew point sensor
  • Leak detector
  • Power meter

Air compressor efficiency analyzing & Compressed air energy monitoring

Air Compressor Analyzing System

compressed air energy monitoring

To kow the performance of old compressor by compare with the measure data
Evaluate the power efficiency of compressor to ensure thesolution can save cost
To know the status of the compressor by give suggestion on a maintaining work

Multiple compressors air flow measurement & monitoring
Compressed air network auditing system
Temporary or long-term auditing support service

CAE820 Compressed Air Net-working Auditing System

Air compressor on-line monitoring based on IoT

Compressor on-line monitoring and instrument management on one smart phone!

Combox the intelligent data communication and transmission module be able to communication the most of compressors in the market, like Atlas, Kaeser, Sullair,etc with RS485 protocol and reading all the measuring data from instruments that connected and user can view and set on the phone by means of APP.

Daily/Weekly/Month report generated freely

COMATE On-line Compressor IoT System
Comate Online Compressor Management System

COMATE On-line compressor IoT system is a monitoring system utilizing IoT technology to integrate all parties and instruments involved in a compressed air system to a highly customized, highly organized visual platform!

How COMATE IOT system can help you in the business?

  • Topology graph function layout of whole plant and even whole factory
  • Knowing the real-time details of each instrument just click the icon, very easy operation
  • Learning the status of each compressor remotely, see anything displayed on the compressor control panel on your laptop or smart phone
  • By means of internet, All history data Are easy to access
  • Alarm delay function knowing the instruments operating status before it break down.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly report or a customized period
  • Monitor all the instruments on customer’s site with allowance of customer
  • Knowing full status of the compressors that sold, provide suggestion to customer bass on the comprehensive data
  • Manage the life circle of compressors, reminded by the system to provide customer with service in time
  • Alarm function let you know anything wrong with the compressor sold, solve the problem even before customer’s awareness
  • Daily, weekly, monthly report or a customized period
  • CRM system to manage customer resource and business opportunity better, provide better service and therefore improve your customer’s loyalty

Because the com pressed air saves your money and time, the investment from user will pay off in a short time!

Remote Monitoring & Management

When ever you installed the system, you have a internet hardware that has almost unlimited room. You can check the history data anywhere and anytime. Much easier to know even a little change of the system. Help you on making decision of how to improve the system and see if any improvement is happening

CRM management system

User can manage customers And potential leads the on the CRM system and manage the overall status of the instruments that have been installed on customer’s site

Comate compressor management CRM system-
Comate compressor management CRM system

Compressor & instruments on-line monitoring

Monitor the compressors and instruments that connected on Combox. All important data from flow meter, power meter will Friendly organized And displayed in curve with different color on the interface. Alarm delay help to control the risks before it break down.

Topology graph display

Customized topology graph for different requirements Help To Learn Every instruments operating status in the whole system. Customer can check the real-time data of the sensor just need to click the icon.

Comate compressor management CRM system
Comate compressor management CRM system

Working on site by Comate IoT monitoring system

Central Air-conditioning Industrial Park (Hefei)
Two air compressor station that Installed capacity 1800KW, total 11 units. Power consumption over 9 million per year before installed COMATE IoT on-line system.
As A result:1)System replaced the worker saving human cost almost 10 thousand RMB per year. 2)Energy saving up to 8.5%, 80 thousand RMB per year.