CAE520 Compressed Air System Monitoring & Auditing


  • for compressed air systems monitoring & auditing service

CAE520 Compressed air network auditing system is designed as a convenient and efficient method of compressor and compressed network energy efficiency measurement and monitor.

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Features of CAE520 compressed air monitoring & auditing system


  • FAD measurement of compressors

  • Compressed air auditing system

  • Compressed air efficiency measurement and monitoring

  • Comply with auditing or permanent monitoring service required

Basic CAE520 including

  • PTF520 pitot tube flow meter which support hot tap installation
  • IoT data logger which can upload measurement data to cloud server from 4G modular
  • Optional parts include KW110M IoT power meter for power consumption measurement,
  • Hot tape drilling tool for installation
  • Clamp on socket for installation without welding

Users can log in COMATE compressor monitoring system website after hardwares are installed and powered, to review real time and historical data and download reports. It saves service provider from site visit for acquiring data storage device, and can check dynamic real time data remotely to provide service in time.

CAE520 Compressed Air Network Auditing System report

CAE520 monitor report

CAE520 report

CAE520 helps

Air Auditors, dealers, and service providers

– Data analysis and reports make for your clients at anywhere and anytime
– Saving time and cost on-site visits
– Data readout/support/updates remotely
– Online billing service offered
– Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Manufacturing plants

– Access to the compressed air system at anywhere and anytime, a more reliable compressed air system
– Real-time and historical data check available
– 24/7 connection possible with your energy monitoring system
– Reduce energy costs


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