differential pressure flow meter

PTF600 Pitot tube flow meter is COMATE’s heavy duty designed flow meter for wet and dry air. It has an wide turn down DP transmitter which ensures it a 33:1 wide measurement range and better stability. It has an unique water-proof design which can solve the problem that caused by condensing water in capillary.

PTF600 Pitot tube flow meter also has integral temperature and pressure compensation, so it can measure standard flow, temperature and pressure also.

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Features of PTF600 differential pressure flow meter

  • Measures flow rate, temperature, pressure, FAD measurement available
  • Heavy duty design, more durable in tough measurement environment
  • Super wide turn down of 33:1, best in market
  • Wide measurement range & Fast response time
  • Insertion mounting, available for hot tapping
  • Cellphone APP for reading and setting
  • Self-diagnose and remote diagnose function to provide with best support
  • For both dry and wet air measurement, possible for measuring compressed air at output of compressor


Insertion type

In-line type

Media Compatibility

Dry and wet air

Pipe diameter



Different pressure range

6~6220 Pa, please reference to next subject on how to calculate flow rate range


1% RD+ ±0.5% FS

Temperature of medium

– 25 ~ +120°c

Pressure of medium



Power supply

AC85~264V or DC 15~32V

Response time

1 second



Date displayed

Mass flow, Volume flow in normal condition

Total flow , Temperature of medium. Velocity

Ingress protection grade

IP65 (GB China)

Compressed air net-working on-line monitoring

PTF600-compressed air-net-working online monitoring

1 General model PTF600
I1 Insertion type with 255mm probe Standard
2 Process connection I2 Insertion type with 320mm probe Option
I3 Insertion type with 395mm probe Option
F1 Flanged insertion type up to 25 barG (362 psiG) Option
F2 Flanged insertion type up to 40 barG (580 psiG) Option
D1 Flanged DIN PN16 up to 16 barG (232 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
D2 Flanged DIN PN25 up to 25 barG (362 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
D3 Flanged DIN PN40 up to 40 barG (580 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
C1 Flanged ANSI CL150 up to 16 barG (232 psiG) (0.5 inch~12 inch) Option
C2 Flanged ANSI CL300 up to 40 barG (580 psiG) (0.5 inch~12 inch) Option
J1 JIS 10K up to 16 barG (232 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
J2 JIS 20K up to 40 barG (580 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
3 Transmitter T Integral Standard
R Remote Option
4 Transmitte 1 pulse/frequency +  RS485 + Bluetooth Standard
2 pulse/frequency + 4~20mA + RS485 + Bluetooth Option
5 Power supply 1 13.5~42VDC Standard
2 13.5~42VDC with 85~265VAC 50/60Hz power converter Option
6 Pipe size xxxx please use 4 digit pipe size, such as DN50=0050, DN300=0300 xxxx