IOT Remotely Solution In Flowmeter

The Comate Flow Remote Monitoring of flow meters Station is a low-cost, easy-to-install cellular solution for monitoring and alarming your remote flow meters.

PHM life circle management system

Customer relationships are meaningful! Comate IoT remotely solution in flow meter after-sale service helps to tighten your bond with your customers!
When a complaint from customers, typically you‘re facing four-part problems:
Endless site travel. It would be best if you assigned your engineer to help on the site. Painful is when the address is very far away from your position.
Complicated setting check. You don’t know where the problems come from. If you’re new to this device, you need to go through the manual over and over and contact the supplier and recheck the settings.
Shipping here and back case time cost waste. They usually send you a new meter for a replacement for most suppliers, which is good. But sadly, problems still exist!
Troublesome misunderstanding in communication.

Have you experienced a new way to solve the above problems?
Saving time with Comate IoT service

Solution one, by Comate Bluetooth app

COMATE-Bluetooth software enables users Remote Monitoring of Flow Meters access to COMATE flow meters by wireless Bluetooth connection. Users can read and adjust the flowmeter’s settings simply by accessing their cell phone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled device.
Comate renewed Remotely Solution In Flowmeter witnessing software can save you much time in cars, planes, travels and whatnot. You can now review your equipment as if you were in the office. All you need is an internet connection. Comate brings you a more comfortable after-sale experience and helps tighten your bond with your customers.

How does it work?

Users who bought the Comate flow meter can get a logging account(contact our team) to access this app. Please open the Bluetooth on your cellphone or any device that enables this function when you do some settings. The app will search flow meters around you. Click the correct Serial No needed setting and get in; users can set the output/unit in flow rate, temp, pressure change, etc. The most important is 24 hours all time diagnosis breakthrough geographic distance.

  • QA and preset data
  • Auto setting cross-check
  • Signal visualization
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Remote upgrade program
  • Remote flow meter monitoring

How does it help?

Auto-setting crossing-checking. Remotely check if any preset was changed and point out the incorrect setting in red words.
Signal and data analysis. Remotely logging the measurement parameter and sensor signal to analyze where the problem is.
Remotely Solution In Flowmeter algorithm upgrade. Find more proper algorithms according to the signal analysis and upgrade remotely.
On-line following up. Monitor the flow meters for a longer time to follow up, ensuring the problem never happens again.

Solution two, IoT remotely solution in flowmeter after-sale service

Accessing data of flow meter at multiple sites is expensive and time-consuming. Customized online Remote Support System, by means of Comate IoT data logger connected with flow meters at each facility, Comate team will help remotely check for each site by request.

How does it work?

By Comate IoT data logger is an intelligent communication and transmission module connected with Comate types flow meter via RS485 communication and transfer the data to the server. Users can check the real-time and historical flow rate curve in front of a computer or smartphone.

comate after-sale witness tool
Three channels of Modubus@RS485 capable of communication flow meter, power meters and even compressors
Data transmission with 24*7.
PC, Smartphone APP support. Users also can check the real-time data on a PC or smartphone utilizing the Combox APP.

Same reason: when facing customer complaints, you don’t need to arrange a time to have your engineer on site. With the help of the wireless data logger and call for us to check the data.
Flowmeter Remote Monitoring of Flow Meters based on IoT

Study case: Comate Bluetooth function helps the user to analysis
Here are the commonly seen problems of vortex flow meter during operating:
The situation on the site:
-Vibration: vortex meter based on ” Karman vortex street” working theory is to study the response of vortices when passing by the shedding body. A vortex flow meter to structural vibrations due to impulsive forces applied on the pipe. Vibration from a pipe or mechanical devices provides the best Remotely Solution In Flowmeter around will cause vortex shedding bar obtained fault signals.
-50Hz frequency interference: check the vortex meter has grounded.
For the pulse output type, test with a frequency tester. You can directly measure the negative terminal P and whether the frequency has 50Hz interference. For the current output type, you can test the COM1 and PLS terminals.
A customer asked why your vortex meter shows 0?
A vortex steam mass flowmeter was placed on the process line to measure the steam generated by the boiler, which was visually confirmed. However, the vortex shedding flow meter in the feed pipe displayed zero flow. We hope to remove it from the service and check-in our lab, but users don’t have another replacement. Here are the potential problems that could cause this issue to occur.

A Wiring problem: It seems easy, but sometimes customers forget which one is a 2-wire system or a four-wire system;
B, Configuration problem:
C, the Flow rate is lower than the meter itself limits: Need to check by increasing the flow rate;
D, Small-signal cut-off function is too high;
E, Transmitter or sensor function lost;
We usually need to go through the manual with all the settings over and over. Still, with Comate Bluetooth software, customers need to click the Remote-Diagnosis, so the Comate team can remotely check the meter’s setting and the signal from the sensor.
After cross-contrast the configuration with default parameters, they are all correct and set for the steam measurement program. But the signal from a sensor is volatile, sometimes even becoming a DC signal which might cause zero readings.

vortex flow meter remote diagnosis

Remark: The blue line is the flow signal detected by the vortex shedding bar; the purple line is the vibration signal

Conclusion: there was found that the vibration signal always stays with the flow signal, but the customer confirmed there is no strong vibration. And we test the temperature, pressure and vortex shedding bar function all response on time.
“I can confirm that there is flow, but no flow shows and vortex flowmeters are not damaged. We assume the problems come from the flow field because the shedding bar can’t work.”
This kind of funk piece might cause the shedder bar to create unstable vortexes.
After removing the obstacle, the meter does not drop to zero flow anymore; for stable measurement, we recommend customers clean the pipe in the next maintenance for better Remote Monitoring of Flow Meters results.
A problem occurred and was found and solved finally within 1.5 days, which saved time and money cost for users to a great extent with the help of Comate Bluetooth software.


Because remote monitoring eliminates the requirement for on-site monitoring, it is especially useful when your staff is unable to access the application due to a disruption. Consider the following advantages of adding remote monitoring in your response plan, given that all firms are experiencing some sort of disruption and reduced employee capacity:

Maintain operations: businesses may have expensive items or processes that must be regularly checked.

Reduce personal exposure: Without manual data checking and logging, the process can continue to run and be monitored. This capacity is critical for any manual monitoring since it decreases personal exposure by bringing existing data to you instead of the system’s physical location

Businesses all throughout the world are concerned about social alienation and the resulting threat to employee safety and well-being. At the same time, these enterprises must continue to operate. The ability to watch from home and boost social distancing compliance is the greatest immediate benefit of implementing remote monitoring.
Other advantages include:
Regulations on record-keeping compliance
Cost savings (over manual)
Increased precision (over manual)
Notifications and alarms
Visualization has improved.
Incident reaction time is reduced.

Remote monitoring and control (M&C) systems are used to automate the operation of big or complex facilities like factories, power plants, network operations centres, airports, and spacecraft. Sensors, telemetry streams, human inputs, and pre-programmed procedures can all provide data to M&C systems.

Flowmeter verification has historically been done via an external verification tool. The verification tool is attached to the flowmeter via test interfaces during the verification process, and a functional test is performed by simulating calibrated reference signals and observing system response.