VFM45 Steam Vortex Meters | Vortex Steam Mass Flowmeter Device

VFM45 provides with excellent signal processing capability and enhances the vortex street metering technology to a new level, which means it has a lower measuring limit, better stability, and accuracy. The special signal processing method has also ensured a better anti-vibration by eliminating the vibration signals.


  • Saturated/superheated steam measurement and custody transfer measurement
  • Steam boiler system measurements
  • Measurement of other process gases
  • Gas drainage in coal mines
  • Measurement of liquids, especially of non-conductive liquids
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Vortex Steam Mass Flowmeter

Vortex flowmeter measures down to 5m/s for gas/steam.
No moving parts, very small pressure loss
Isolated design for electrical parts to eliminate interference
Wide power source adaptability to fit in different applications
2 lines LCD display
Standard output is pulse and 4~20mA, Hart@4~20mA and RS485 is available
Metric/British Unit selectable
Density compensation function available, do not need a flow computer for mass flow

VFM45 vortex steam flow meter transmitter has been installed over 5000 pcs, provide the most reliable and durable measurement solution

Fluid to measure
Liquid, steam, gas
Nominal diameter
Wafer/Flanged(ANSI/DN/DIN/JIS):15mm~300mm(1/2″~12″) Insertion:300mm~700mm(12″~28″)
Measurement range(m/s)
Liquid 0.5~7   steam or gas 5~70
±1% RD (insertion is 1.5%RD)
Gas or steam:±1.0%RD
0.3% RD (insertion is 1.5%RD)
4-20mA@ HART / RS-485
Process Temperature Range
-40℃~280℃ ; -40℃~350℃ ;
Process Pressure Limit
–0.1 MPa (–1 kg/cm2) to flange rating
Ambient Temperature Range
Ambient Humidity
Electrical Connection
1/2 NPT, M20 × 1.5
304 SS, 316 SS, 316L SS
1 General model VFM45-N Vortex flowmeter without integral RTD and pressure sensor Standard
VFM45-M Vortex mass flowmeter with  integral RTD and pressure sensor Option
2 Transmitter Location T Integral Standard The standard remote cable length is 10m, if you required longer cable, please let us know
R Remote Option
3 Process connection 0 Insertion Option Insertion for DN80~700, wafer and flanged type for pipes smaller than 300mm
1 Flanged Standard
2 Wafer Option
3 Downsized wafer Option
4 Fluid type 1 Liquid Standard If the fluid is steam, please  advise if it is saturated or superheated
2 Gas Option
3 Steam Option
5 Wetted part material 1 OCr18Ni9(304) Standard For other materials, please advise your speical requirement. Any material will cause a longer production time except 304SS
2 316 Option
Q Other Option
6 Pressure rating 3 1.6 Standard
4 2.5 Option
5 4 Option
6 6.3 Option
7 10 Option
8 16 Option
7 Medium Temperature N T≤120℃ Standard If the temperature is higher than 350 degreeCor lower than 40 degree C, please advise us to check if we can do
S T≤280℃ Option
H T≤350℃ (wafer or flanged) Option
8 Transmitter 1 pulse/4~20mA Standard The HART signal is output though 4~20mA.
2 Battery power/pulse Option
3 pulse/4~20mA@HART Option
4 pulse/RS485 Option
5 pulse/RS485 /T&P compensation Option
7 pulse/4~20mA/T&P compensation Option
9 Cable grinder N M20x1.5 Standard
D 1/2″ NPI Option
Q Other Option
  Pipe size xxx xxx This 3 digits code indicates the inner diameter of the pipe, for example, if he pipe is DN50, the code is 050. If the pipe is DN200, the code is 200