TGF600 Thermal Mass Flowmeters

– industrial gases processing measurement

TGF600 thermal mass flowmeters with more rugged design to adapt to harsh industrial applications. It implements COMATE’s latest sensor filming technology and high sensitivity sensors to ensure a stable measurement at very low flow rate down to 0.3Nm/s.


  • Compressed air, Natural gas, biogas, Oxygen, Argon, Hydrogen, special area
  • Coal, power, Incineration, Landfill gas, Petrochemical industry and gas measurement in Heating supply system
  • Flare gas, etc high temperature gas measurement
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Special features of TGF600 Thermal Mass Flowmeters

  • 100:1 turndown, lower limit to 0.3Nm/s support from 1”~80”pipe
  • Temperature range up to 450 °C
  • Depth scale for precise installation
  • Insertion type to 16bar, special version up to 63 bar
  • No moving parts, industrial sensor more robust and easy to clean
  • Unique anti-ejection densign support install and remove without stop the line
  • IP 67 protection.Robust water-proof housing for the indoor/outdoor area
  • Inline type can be installed/removed without stopping the line
  • No moving part, almost no pressure loss
  • Direct mass flow measurement, do not require temperature or pressure compensation

TGF600 Series inline thermal gas flowmeters measures the gas mass flow base on thermal dispersion theory. It combines COMATE’s advanced technology on transmitter, sensor, filming and calibration, can provide stable and accurate measurement even under harsh industrial applications and require very less maintaining.

  • Insertion Type

The insertion type thermal mass flowmeters can be installed and maintained online.

ball valve thermal mass flow meter

  • In-line Type

The in-line type thermal mass flow meters is delivered along with a pipe which has a same inner diameters as the pipe in field.

The flanges meet ANSI,DIN or JIS standard.

flange in-line thermal mass flow meters

  • Specifications TGF600 thermal mass flow meter

Media Compatibility Air, Nitrogen, O2, CO2, Argon, CH4, Natural gas, biogas, and almost all dry and clean air
Pipe diameter Insertion:DN25~900mm
Inline: DN25~300mm
Flow velocity range 0.3~30Nm/s
Accuracy 1.5% RD ±0.5% FS
Temperature of medium Standard: -40 ~ +150°C
Middle: -40 ~ +250°C
High: -40 ~ +450°C
Pressure of medium Insertion: 1.6 MPa
Flanged insertion: 6.3 Mpa
Flanged in-line: 6.3 Mpa
Power supply AC85~264V or DC16~32V
Response time 1 second
Output Frequency and 4~20mA as standard
RS~485+Bluetooth as standard
Communication 4~20mA@HART as optional
Date displayed Mass flow, Total flow
Volume flow in normal condition
Ingress protection grade IP65 (GB China)
Ex-proof NEPSI EX d II c T3 Gb

  • Max pipe size that each probe can adapt to of TGF600
Probe length 290mm 440mm 690mm 1000mm 1500mm
T<50 dgr C  DN150 DN450 DN900 DN1500 DN2500
50 dgrC <T< 150 dgr C / DN100 DN600 DN1200 DN2200
150 dgrC <T< 250 dgr C  / / DN400 DN1000 DN2000
250 dgrC <T< 450 dgr C / / DN300 DN600 DN1000
T<122 dgr F 6″ 18″ 36″ 60″ 100″
122 dgr F <T<302 dgr F / 4″ 24″ 48″ 88″
302 dgr F <T<482 dgr F / / 16″ 40″ 80″
482 dgr F <T<842 dgr F / / 12” 24” 40”
1 General model TGF600 Standard
2 Fluid type 1 Air/nitrogen Standard
2 Oxygen (sensor will be degreased) Option
3 Other (Please advsise gas composition) Option
3 Measurement velocity 1 0.3 ~ 30Nm/s Option
2 0.6 ~ 60Nm/s Standard
3 0.9 ~ 90Nm/s Option
4 1.2 ~ 120Nm/s Option
5 1.5 ~ 150Nm/s Option
6 1.8 ~ 180Nm/s Option
4 Process connection I1 Insertion type with 290mm probe Option
I2 Insertion type with 440mm probe Standard
I3 Insertion type with 690mm probe Option
I4 Insertion type with 1000mm probe Option
I5 Insertion type with 1500mm probe Option
F1 Flanged insertion type up to 25 barG (362 psiG) Option
F2 Flanged insertion type up to 40 barG (580 psiG) Option
F2 Flanged insertion type up to  63 barG (913 psiG) Option
D1 Flanged DIN PN16 up to 16 barG (232 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
D2 Flanged DIN PN25 up to 25 barG (362 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
D3 Flanged DIN PN40 up to 40 barG (580 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
D4 Flanged DIN PN63 up to 63 barG (913 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
C1 Flanged ANSI CL150 up to 16 barG (232 psiG) (0.5 inch~12 inch) Option
C2 Flanged ANSI CL300 up to 40 barG (580 psiG) (0.5 inch~12 inch) Option
C3 Flanged ANSI CL400 up to 63 barG (913 psiG) (0.5 inch~12 inch) Option
J1 JIS 10K up to 16 barG (232 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
J2 JIS 20K up to 40 barG (580 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
J3 JIS 30K up to 63 barG (913 psiG) (DN15~DN300) Option
5 Wet part material 1 316ss sensor with 304ss wet parts Standard
2 316ss sensor with 316ss wet parts Option
6 Medium temp range N <150°C Standard
Q <250°C Option
H <450°C (please select remote display also) Option
7 Transmitter T Integral Standard
R Remote Option
8 Cable grinder M M20x1.5 Standard
N NPT 1/2 Option
9 Ex-proof N No Ex-proof Standard
1 NEPSI Ex d IIC T3 Gb Option
10 Transmitte 1 pulse/frequency + 4~20mA + RS485 + Bluetooth Option
2 pulse/frequency + 4~20mA@HART + Bluetooth Standard
11 Power supply 1 13.5~42VDC Standard
2 13.5~42VDC with 85~265VAC 50/60Hz power converter Option
12 Pipe size xxxx please use 4 digit pipe size, such as DN50=0050, DN300=0300 xxxx