What is a flow meter?

A flow meter is an equipment which is used to measure the flow rate of the  iquid, and gas. They are also known as gas gauges, flow indicators, or liquid meters. There are numerous types of flow meters depending upon the applications and working principle. The basic five flow meters are stated below-

Differential pressure flow meter: 

Differential pressure meters measure the differential stream over an orifice where the stream is legitimately identified with the square foundation of the differential weight delivered. There are likewise essential and auxiliary components in differential stream meters. The essential component produces change in dynamic vitality utilizing either stream spout, pitot tube, opening plate, or venturi stream meters. The optional component gauges the differential weight and gives the sign.

Differential weight meters speak to around 1/5 of all stream meters far and wide. They are regularly utilized in the oil and gas industry, alongside HVAC, drink, water, pharma, mining, paper and compound applications. If you are looking for the pressure and flow measuring devices you can get in touch with us. We are one of the leading flow meters manufacturers and suppliers that offer you standard quality based flow meters at the cost-effective rates.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters 

Positive Displacement  (PD) stream meters measure the volume loaded up with liquid, convey it ahead and fill it once more, which figures the measure of liquid moved. It estimates genuine progression of any liquid while every other kind of stream meters measure some other parameter and convert the qualities into flowrate. In PD stream meters, yield is straightforwardly identified with the volume going through the stream meter. PD stream meters incorporate cylinder meters, oval-gear meters, nutating circle meters, rotating vane type meters, and so forth.

 Speed Flow Meters 

Speed meters measure the speed of the stream to figure the volumetric flowrate. These are less touchy when the Reynolds number of liquid is higher than 10000. Speed stream meters incorporate turbine, paddlewheel, vortex shedding, electromagnetic and sonic/ultrasonic stream meters.

Mass Flow Meters 

Mass stream meters are progressively viable in mass related procedures as they measure the power that outcomes from the speeding up of mass. All the more explicitly, the power is estimated as the mass moving per unit of time, rather than the volume per unit of time. Mass stream meters incorporate Coriolis mass meters and warm scattering meters

Final Say:

These are the most commonly used flow measurement devices. If you are looking for the standard quality based pressure flow meter or any other gas and liquid pressure and flow measuring devices then you can contact us. We manufacture a wide range of flow meters by using top-notch quality based raw material and advanced technology. Our flow measurement devices offer you an accurate reading and don’t require any maintenance. Typical applications of the flow meter is tied up with the checking chemical flow in the pipes that what’s all our flow meters is chemical and environmental resistant.