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Comate design high-performance digital vortex flow meters for steam and all kinds of air, gases flow measuring processes.  Comate team not only focus on the physical properties of the meters, but we combine our meters with the processing character of each specific working condition.


Vortex flow meters measurement principle according to “Karman vortex” working theory designed for gas flow, steam or liquid’s volume flow, standard volume flow or mass flow measurement. Operational theory: vortex flow meter designed according to fluid oscillation principle, flow will alternately generate vortices when passing by the shedding body. The frequency of the vortices is related to flow velocity and the area of shedding body:


f: the frequency of vortices, unit is Hz;

v: the average speed of flow, unit is m/s;

d: the width of vortex shedding body, unit is m;

St: Strouhal number, range is 0.14~0.27;

St is the function of Re value, St=f(1/Re)

when Re in 102~105  St is 0.2, in this time, f=0.2V/d;

the average speed of flow v can be calculated by the value of vortices frequency,

q=vA, A is the vortex shedding body sectional area;

then we could know the flow rate q;


Vortex flow measurement technology is specialize to measure of flow like compressed air,steam& even fuel oil. Vortex meters are reliable & most accurate flow measurement innovation technology available & widely accepted across the industries.

  • Universally suitable for measuring liquids, gases and steam
  • Long-term stability: no zero-point drift and lifetime calibration
  • No moving parts
  • Little pressure loss
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Large turndown of typically 35:1 for gas/steam and liquids
  • Wide temperature range: –40 to +350°C

Thermal gas flow meters based on thermal dispersion theory directly measuring compressed air, nitrogen, natural gases mass flow.

Comate inline Thermal Gas Flow Meters in TGF460 and TGF600 line. The high precious model TGF460 are designed for compressed air, Nitrogen gas flow measurement with cheap price for most applications. The TGF600 available in inline install and flanged in-line type for high pressure gas flow measurement.

  • Compressed air (consumption, distribution)
  • Carbon dioxide (for fermentation and chilling)
  • Argon (in steel production)
  • Nitrogen and oxygen (production)
  • Natural gas (for burner and boiler feed control)
  • Air and biogas measurement


It has two RTDs temperature sensors, one of which sense the velocity of the gas flow (RH) and the other one will detect the temperature shift of the gas flow (RMG) . When the two RTD are in the gas flow ,the RH will be heated while the RMG will sense the temperature changing of the gas flow. More heat will be taken away as the velocity of the gas flow increasing ,so the temperature on RH will decline.

thermal mass flowmeter measuring principle

According to King’s law, the heating power P, the temperature difference ΔT (TRH-TRMG) and the mass flow rate are mathematical related . P/△T=K1+K2 f(Q)K3 , the K1、K2、K3 are constants related to the properties of the gas. TGF Series Thermal mass flow meter is designed base on constant power measuring method, thus the RTD is heated in a consistent power and will be more durable and stable. That is why TGF flow meter has less problem of zero-off which may caused by a function failure of RTD due to over-heated in long term.


  • Direct measurement the standard flow, mass flow, Without pressure or temperature compensation required
  • Wide turndown ratio (100:1)
  • Support medium up to 450°C conditions
  • Negligible pressure loss
  • Maintenance-free, no moving parts
  • Insertion type, installation and maintenance can be finished on line
Thermal mass flow meter

Compressed air is an important energy for industrial production,  and flow rate of compressed air is an key parameter to indicate the performance of compressors. With the air compressor widely use the accurate measurement of its flow rate is crucial for product upgrades, control and monitoring and the energy saving. Comate PTF600 is the ideal model designed for wet/dry compressed air flow measurement, insertion type max can for DN400 pipe and do not nee to stop the line.

Measuring principle

When pipe full of fluids and when the flow across a constriction in the pipe that will creates a pressure drop . When the flow increases, more pressure drop is created. Highly sensitive pressure sensors measure the pressure before and after the constriction. According to Bernoulli’s principle, the pressure drop across the constriction is proportional to the square of the flow rate. The higher the pressure drop, the higher the flow rate.

differential pressure flowmeter working principle

q m –mass flow, kg/s
q v –the volumetric flow rate, m 3 /s
C– flow factor
ε– expansion coefficient
β–Diameter ratio,β=d/D
d–diameter of cross-sectional under working conditional, unit: m
D–upstream pipe diameter, m
△P–the pressure drop, Pa
ρl–fluid density, kg/m 3


  • Built-in temperature & pressure transmitter measurement standard flow/mass flow directly
  • 32:1 wide turndown meet most of the flow range of compressed air
  • Water injection design can wet/dry compressed air
  • Insertion type, installation and maintenance can be finished on line
PTF600 Pitot tube flow meter

At Comate we supply turn-key solutions to your compressed air monitoring project. Through our R&D team you will find suitable solutions to your compressor system needs.

Comate on-line compressed air monitoring system offered user to view real-time measured values like, power consumption, compressed air flow rate, load and unload time,cost in USD. All measured values indicate in curves and graphic. Daily/weekly/monthly statics and report can export freely.

CAE350S Air Compressor Analyzing System

CAE350S Air Compressor Analyzing System

Measure FAD flow on inlet pipe of compressor
Measure power consumption of the flow meter
Control the cost of compressed air via calculate power ration & energy intensity
Control compressor status via know the frequency of on/off loading time
Generate a brief report of all data above

CAE820 Air Compressor Analyzing System

What are included in the system?

Measure the flow lose cause by instrument in the network
Measure the air flow, temperature, pressure and power consumption for single compressor or compressor group
All data on tablet APP for customer to review
Generate detailed report with data graphs, power efficiency etc for analyzing


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