Digital Vortex Flowmeter

People choose the digital vortex flowmeter for its dependability and accuracy, but it’s also a standard for steam applications because of its ease of installation and minimal maintenance costs. Other meter technologies suffer in high-pressure, high-temperature situations, but the vortex flow meter has a wide range and a minimal pressure drop, making it a popular choice among flow professionals.

Vortex Flow Meter Digital Solution by Comate

  • Comate Vortex flow meter digital solutions come in inline mode, making them easy to install in a variety of applications, including:
    – Steam from a hot tap
    – Large striations
    – Low-pressure zones
    For measuring mass flow rate of steam, gases, and liquids, our digital vortex flowmeter installation has a multivariable design that includes shedding velocity can
    with RTD temperature sensors and a solid-state pressure transducer. Because of the precision of these metres, velocity, temperature, and pressure may all be monitored at the same time.
digital vortex flowmeter

VFM60N Standard Type Digital Vortex Flowmeter

VFM60N Standard Type Digital Vortex Flow meter is a powerful flow meter utilizing our theory, which can meet the requirement of measuring the flow rate of various fluids.The unique dual-sensor design and special signal processing method has also ensured a better anti-vibration by eliminating the vibration signals to provide more reliable performance and lower measurement limit.

Advantage at a glance:

  •  1:35 super wide turndown ratio
  • Extremely high sensitivity, measurement limit to 2m/s
  • Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure excellent anti-vibration
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VFM60N Standard Type Digital Vortex Flowmeter:

Extremely high sensitivity, minimum flow rate down to 2m/s
1:35 super wide turndown ratio
Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure best anti-vibration
No moving parts, very small pressure loss
Isolated design for electrical parts to eliminate interference
Wide power source adaptability to fit in different applications
2 lines LCD display
Standard output is pulse and 4~20 mA, Hart@4~20mA and RS485 is available
Metric/British Unit selectable
Density compensation function available, do not need flow computer for mass flow
Password protecting function and self-diagnose function


Traditional vortex technologies are easily effected by vibration. In order to provide stable result, they can only cut off some useful signal mixed with vibration signal and flow signal

VFM60 vortex meter can distinguish the vibration signal from the flow signal, and eliminate the interference. So it can provide stable reading under vibration even the flow is down to 2m/s.

Fliud to measure Liquid, steam, gas
Nominal diameter Wafer/Flanged(ANSI/DN/DIN/JIS):15mm~300mm(1/2″~12″)
Measurement range(m/s) DN15~20 DN25~32 DN40~300
Steam 6~70 m/s 4~70 m/s 2~70 m/s
Gas 6~60 m/s 4~60 m/s 2~60 m/s
Liquid 0.3~7m/s 0.3~7m/s 0.3~7m/s
Accuracy ±1% RD (insertion is 1.5%RD)
For multi-variable version: temperature ±1°C,pressure:0.75% FS
Repeatability 0.3% RD
Output Pulse / 4~20mA / 4-20mA@ HART / RS-485
Process Temperature Range -40℃~150℃ ; -40℃~250℃ ; -40℃~350℃ ;
Process Pressure Limit –0.1 MPa (–1 kg/cm2) to flange rating
Ambient Temperature Range –40 to 85°C
Ambient Humidity 5 to 100% RH
Electrical Connection 1/2 NPT, M20 × 1.5
Materials 304 SS, 316 SS, 316L SS
Mode codes   VFM60 series digital vortex flowmeters
1 General model VFM60-N Vortex flowmeter without integral RTD and pressure sensor Standard
VFM60-MV Vortex mass flowmeter with  integral RTD and pressure sensor Option
2 Transmitter Location T Integral Standard Standard remote cable length is 5m, for longer cable, please let us know
R Remote Option
3 Process connection 0 Insertion Option Insertion for DN200~1000, wafer and flanged type for pipes smaller than 300mm
1 Flanged Standard
2 Wafer Option
3 Downsized wafer Option
4 Fluid type 1 Liquid Standard If the fluid is steam, please advise if it is saturated or superheated
2 Gas Option
3 Steam Option
5 Wetted part material 1 OCr18Ni9(304) Standard For other materials, please advise your requirement.
2 316 Option
Q Other Option
6 Pressure rating 3 1.6 Mpa Standard
4 2.5 Mpa Option
5 4 Mpa Option
6 6.3 Mpa Option
7 Medium Temperature N T≤150℃ Standard If temperature is lower than 40 dgr C, please check with us. MV version max temperature is 250 dgr C
S T≤250℃(wafer or flanged) Option
H T≤350℃ (wafer or flanged) Option
8 Transmitter 1 pulse/4~20mA Standard The HART signal is output though 4~20mA

MV stand for multi-variable version

Option 2,4,6,8,9 require one week more for production

2 pulse/HART@4~20mA Option
3 Pulse/RS485 Option
4 pulse/ 4~20mA/RS485 Option
5 MV/pulse/4~20mA Option
6 MV/pulse/HART@4~20mA Option
7 MV/Pulse/RS485 Option
8 MV/pulse/ 4~20mA/RS485 Option
9 pulse/4~20mA/RS485/separate T&P Option
9 Blue tooth Q No Blue tooth Standard If need blue tooth, has to has RS485
B With blue tooth Option
10 Cable grinder N M20x1.5 Standard
Q Other Option
Pipe size xxx xxx This 3 digits code indicates the inner diameter of the pipe, for example, 050 means DN50,

Vortex flow meter Work principle is to rearching the corresponding relationship between fluid vibration frequency and flow velocity. It measures the flow velocity of fluid by measuring the frequency of sensor output signal. That leaves many vortex meter manuafacturet faced the prolems of vibration, electromagnetic interference and the lower limit of measurement in the development and application of vortex type flowmeter.

Early in 2015, Comate have cooperate with USTC signal processing laboratory and put an unique design method in order to detect the real change of electric charge completely generated by fluids. After that Comate put VFM60MV in factory like compressed air, boiler steam, heating system nad owned a good feedback. The interference solved also makes Comate vortex meter able to measure down to 2m/s velocity than other brand in the marketplace.

To view Comate Multivariable Digital Vortex Type Flowmeters anti-vibration contrast test

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The von Kármán effect asserts that when flow passes by a bluff structure, a repeating pattern of swirling vortices is formed. Vortex flow metres use this principle to detect fluid velocity.

With no moving parts, a simple structure, and a low failure rate, the vortex flowmeter is a broad-spectrum flow metre that can be used for metering, measurement, and control of most steam, gas, and liquid flow for a highly unique media adaptability, high stability, and high reliability.

For most liquids, Coriolis mass flow metre digital offers the most precise results, but they are also the most expensive. They have the benefit of not requiring any prior information of the fluid being transported. Thermal mass flow metres are a less precise but nonetheless accurate way of measuring mass flow. They do, however, necessitate an understanding of the fluid’s specific heat capacity.

The Coriolis effect is used in mass digital vortex flow meters. Can be used to measure concentration and solids content in clean and dirty liquids, gases, and slurries. Suitable for situations with changing temperatures and pressures.