vortex steam flow meter

vortex steam flow meter

Vortex Steam Flow Meter

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Vortex type steam flow meter advantages 

  • Built-in temperature & pressure compensation transmitter
  • Patent dual probe design excellent anti-vibration performance
  • Measurement limit down to 2m/s, 1:35 wide turndown ratio(external for 1:40)
  • Compact design integrated display support high range up to 350°C
  • A multi-functional vortex meter can for steam, air, gas and liquid


  • Saturated steam, superheated steam monitoring & custody transfer
  • Dry, wet compressed air inlet/outlet of the compressor monitoring
  • Gas drainage in coal mines
  • Measurement Nature gas, biogas process control, and custody transfer
  • Measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids

Comate bluetooth app

COMATE-Bluetooth software enables users remote access to COMATE all line flowmeters by wireless Bluetooth connection. Users can read and adjust the flowmeter’s settings simply by accessing their cell phone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device.

Remote-diagnosis and program update support. Check the operating video:

check on Youtube video
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Vortex Steam Flow Meter Installation

The purpose of vortex steam meter with temperature and pressure compensation is for when the volume deviates the actual flow, density compensation will correct the result well. Steam in gas status, the density varies with the changes of temperature and pressure itself. If don’t have the compensation will cause a huge error. Vortex mass flow meter is the perfect skill in steam flow measurement.

Comate VFM60MV Series Multivariable vortex steam flow meter incorporates Comate start-of-art technologies. This type of multi variable steam mass meter makes highly accurate measurements of various fluids including liquid, air, gas, saturated steam, and superheated steam. Support high temperature up to 350°C(662°F) in particular and can measure very low flow.

By help of three built-in sensors, a vortex shedding flow velocity, a pressure transmitter, and a temperature sensor, VFM60MV can more accurately measure the mass/standard flow rate of medium though density compensation.

VFM60MV multivariable vortex steam flow meter

  • Extremely high sensitivity, minimum flow rate down to 2m/s with 1:35 super wide turndown ratio
  • Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure best anti-vibration
  • No moving parts, very small pressure loss
  • One vortex flowmeters can measure mass flow, temperature, pressure, and density
vortex steam flow meter installation

vortex steam flow meter installation

VFM60MV high temperature(350°C/662°F) version

vortex flow meter for superheated steam

vortex flow meter for superheated steam

Bluetooth software support

This function enables users who have COMATE flow meter in site to reach and configure the parameters more easily rather than lose the case and check the manual on how to set it. Most important is COMATE R&D team will help you to do this job just get the device online and click online diagnosis, our team-member will collect the data and help you to check where the problems may come from!

•Bluetooth app on a cellphone to connect Comate flowmeters
•Home interface can review real-time readings on the meter screen
•Setting interface help to do function setting & parameter setting


•select output to pulse/4~20mA/frequency,
•select 4~20mA output parameters
•select unit of time/temperature/pressure/flow rate,etc
•input range of 4~20mA/pressure/temperature, etc
•Remote diagnosis function

Fliud to measure Liquid, steam, gas, air
Nominal diameter Wafer/Flanged(ANSI/DN/DIN/JIS):15mm~300mm(1/2″~12″)
Measurement range(m/s) DN15~20 DN25~32 DN40~300
Steam 6~70 m/s 4~70 m/s 2~70 m/s
Gas 6~60 m/s 4~60 m/s 2~60 m/s
Liquid 0.3~7m/s 0.3~7m/s 0.3~7m/s
Accuracy ±1% RD (insertion is 1.5%RD)
For multi-variable version: temperature ±1°C,pressure:0.75% FS
Repeatability 0.3% RD
Output Pulse / 4~20mA / 4-20mA@ HART / RS-485
Process Temperature Range -40℃~150℃ ; -40℃~250℃ ; -40℃~350℃ ;
Process Pressure Limit –0.1 MPa (–1 kg/cm2) to flange rating
Ambient Temperature Range –40 to 85°C
Ambient Humidity 5 to 100% RH
Electrical Connection 1/2 NPT, M20 × 1.5
Materials 304 SS, 316 SS, 316L SS

The Nm3/hr unit of flow range, is the standard flow under 20dgr C and 0.1Mpa, vortex flow meter range should be base on actual velocity range, than transfer to standard flow or mass flow according to the pressure and temperature in the pipe.

ex: VFM60MV-T1213N5QN-080

Mode codes  VFM60 series Vortex flowmeters
1 General model VFM60-N Standard vortex flowmeters (without integral RTD and pressure sensor) Standard
VFM60-MV Vortex mass flowmeter with  integral RTD and pressure sensor Option
2 Transmitter Location T Integral Standard Standard remote cable length is 5m, for longer cable, please let us know
R Remote Option
3 Process connection 0 Insertion Option Insertion for DN200~1000, wafer and flanged type for pipes smaller than 300mm
1 Flanged Standard
2 Wafer Option
3 Downsized wafer Option
4 Fluid type 1 Liquid Standard If the fluid is steam, please advise if it is saturated or superheated
2 Gas Option
3 Steam Option
5 Wetted part material 1 OCr18Ni9(304) Standard For other materials, please advise your requirement.
2 316 Option
Q Other Option
6 Pressure rating 3 1.6 Mpa Standard
4 2.5 Mpa Option
5 4 Mpa Option
6 6.3 Mpa Option
7 Medium Temperature N T≤150℃ Standard If temperature is lower than 40 dgr C, please check with us.
S T≤250℃(wafer or flanged) Option
H T≤350℃ (wafer or flanged) Option
8 Transmitter 1 pulse/4~20mA Standard The HART signal is output though 4~20mA

MV stand for multi-variable version

Option 2,4,6,8,9 require one week more for production

2 pulse/HART@4~20mA Option
3 Pulse/RS485 Option
4 pulse/ 4~20mA/RS485 Option
5 MV/pulse/4~20mA Option
6 MV/pulse/HART@4~20mA Option
7 MV/Pulse/RS485 Option
8 MV/pulse/ 4~20mA/RS485 Option
9 pulse/4~20mA/RS485/separate T&P Option
9 Blue tooth Q No Blue tooth Standard If need blue tooth, has to has RS485
B With blue tooth Option
10 Cable grinder N M20x1.5 Standard
Q Other Option
Pipe size xxx xxx This 3 digits code indicates the inner diameter of the pipe, for example, 050 means DN50,

Vortex flow meter work principle is to researching the corresponding relationship between fluid vibration frequency and flow velocity. It measures the flow velocity of fluid by measuring the frequency of the sensor output signal. That leaves many vortex meter manuafacturet faced the prolems of vibration, electromagnetic interference, and the lower limit of measurement in the development and application of vortex type flowmeter.

Comate understood Vibration then build a new equipment to measure it. Early in 2015, Comate have cooperated with USTC signal processing laboratory and put an unique design method in order to detect the real change of electric charge completely generated by fluids. After that Comate put VFM60MV in factory like compressed air, boiler steam, heating system nad owned a good feedback. The interference solved also makes Comate vortex meter able to measure down to 2m/s velocity than other brand in the marketplace.

To view Comate Multivariable Digital Vortex Type Flowmeters anti-vibration contrast test



Vortex meters work by putting an impediment in the flow route (called a shedder bar) that causes alternating differential pressure vortices. These vortices force a small sensing device to oscillate at a frequency proportional to the moving fluid’s velocity.

Free vortices and forced vortices are the two forms of vortices. When water flows out of a vessel through a central hole in the base, for example, a free vortex is created. The fluid does not require any external force to rotate, and the degree of rotation is determined by the initial disturbance.

Vortex Shedding Frequency = Reference factor x Conversion factor x (Upper range value in US gallons/Time)
The device documentation lists the values of RF, CF, and URV, as well as the vortex shedding frequency in pulses per second (PPS).

Set the fine span and make modifications in the steps that follow.

Set the frequency generator to the higher range and fine-tune the fine span screw until it reaches 100 percent. Then set the output value to zero.
Connect the signal lead after disconnecting the frequency generator. Then lower the range value to zero.
Adjust the zero until the input and output are the same.
To finish the calibration, repeat this step for each of the five checkpoints.