Gas Drainage

Coal mine gas is the hydrodynamic gases existing in the coal mine layer. Its general component is methane, same as natural gas. The over quantity in coal mines is harmful for the workers and dangerous for mining work.

On the other hand, coal mine gas is a very efficient fuel which can be used in power, chemical and other industries. Thus it is important to process gas drainage in coal mining industry.

 VFM60MV-Multivariable Digital Vortex Type Flowmeter  TGF600 Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters

Vortex Flow Meter

   Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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Coal mine gas has some specially features that may cause difficulty for its measurement:
Very low pressure, which means DP flow meters could not be used
High level of impurities such as dust and water, cause blockage to meter sensors, thus require routine maintaining and cleaning of the sensors.
Coal mine gas normally has wide flow range, low flow down to -.1~1.5m/s while max flow up to 60m/s; thus require the flow meter have very wide turn down ratioVery complicated composition which are changing all the time.

TGF series thermal mass flow meter has below advantages in coal mine gas drainage measurement
Insertion mounting fit to different size of pipe.
Wide turn down ration to cover most flow range
Consistent heating power principle to provide accurate measurement
Low power consumption, 200~1000Hz frequency outputBest EMC , powerful signal processing to deal with water drip on sensor.