Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Technology

There approximately 35% of gas uses a flow meter to detect in the entire process industry. From a single phase fluid measurement or to complex compressed air net-work auditing system or to a specific gas measurement, the range of measurement is quite wide. But one thing is the same in all requirements, that is must be accurate!

In the past, the most commonly used gas measure technology is mechanical gas flow meter, however, the maintenance and repair costs of lubricating, cleaning, etc. using such a flow meter are very high in the actual application process. And the pressure loss is extremely large, thereby greatly increasing energy consumption.

In addition, pressure and temperature must be compensated during the application of the mechanical flow meter. These will bring high cost of use and maintenance to the user. At the same time, most mechanical gas flow meter detection systems cannot be operated in both directions. Therefore, the smart gas flow meters can highlight their advantages.

The Comate VFM&TMF flowmeter solution combines a compact design with industry-optimized sensor technology and a unified test data converter to provide the best solution for a wide range of gas flow measurement applications. This flow meter solution includes the following flow meter families:

– High accuracy compact design gas/steam flow meter VFM60 series;

– Support high pressure gas measurement TGF600 series;

– Economical and more stable compressed air measurement TGF450 series;

– Capable of wet/dry compressed air measurement application PTF600 series;

High accuracy and more stability

VFM60MV series integrated temperature and pressure compensation can be used throughout the process industry like gas, steam flow measurement. No moving parts support provide the highest safety and reliability and high measure accuracy in harsh environments. According to the actual experience of the user, the advantages of the two-wire system are more obvious than those of the four-wire system. For example, equipment costs can be significantly reduced when planning equipment. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof technical solutions provide maximum safety and reliability during operating.

Compressed air measurement

The TGF450 thermal mass flow meter designed for industrial compressed air flow measurement. Constant power working theory makes it more stable and more low maintenance. This meet requirements of modern energy monitoring.

PTF600 one ideal model for wet compressed air application, based on signal processing technology and constructer innovation improvement it solved the problem we faced with.

Calibration system

Calibration service:

Accuracy available: down to 0.2%

Flow rate: 0 ~8000m3/hr

Pressure: 0 ~0.6Mpa

Fluid: Air

System reference: Sonic nozzle

With 0.03% accuracy is used to measure that every of our flow meter will be able to meet the accuracy and repeatability promised. System regularly checked and inspected by the national metrological verification department to ensure the reliability of the flowmeter test results.