Comate TGF450 TGF600 gas flow measurement thermal mass flowmeter such as compressed air, natural gas, nitrogen and argon. The flowmeter measures mass flow directly without need for pressure or temperature compensation. With high turndown ration 150 to 1.

Comate Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Comate thermal mass flow meter can measures gas at pressure 1.6Mpa and high pressure at 6.3Mpa makes it suitable for application like processing control, energy management. Output has 4~20mA with pulse and HART,RS485 for option allowing easy connection to user energy management system. User can remote control their meters with connected via Bluetooth user can download Comate APP to view the real-time measurement values and pressure, temperature and adjust parameters on their phone, really saving cost and time!

TGF450 – Inline Thermal Mass Flowmeter-Compressed ,Nitrogen Gas Flow Measurement

TGF600 – Inline Thermal Gas Flowmeters