Natural gas has been widely used in almost every industries and  people’s daily life, as a high-efficient clean fuel gas. The measurement of natural gas is easily effected by its temperature and pressure, thus customer will require a measurement on standard flow rate on natural gas.  VFM45 Steam Vortex Flow Meter
 natural gas measurement solutions  TGF600 Inline thermal mass flow meter

TGF600 Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Natural Gas Measurement

TGF600 thermal mass has below advantage for natural gas measurement in process and combustion control
1) Measure standard flow directly, no need of T&P compensation, fair overall accuracy
2) Wide 1:100 turn down ratio, supper low flow down to 0.3m/s. Cover all flow range
3) Higher accuracy can be achieved if adjust turn down ratio to 1:10
4) No moving parts , much less maintaining is required.
5) Almost no pressure loss, energy saving.

VFM60MV For Natural Gas Measurement

In Jan 2007, AGI from US approved the vortex flow meter to be used in custody transfer, which means the requirement on this technology in natural gas measurement is going to increase a lot. VFM60MV multi-variable vortex meter has below advantage in natural gas measurement.

1) Integral T&P compensation, can measure standard flow rate.
2) Compressibility factor calculation programmed, provide better accuracy
3) Wide 1:35 turndown ratio, low flow down to 2m/s
4) No moving parts, requires less maintaining, less replacing. Cost effective solution5) Less pressure loss, energy saving