It is often thought that compressed air is cheap or even free source of power, but in fact compressed air can be 10~20 times more expensive than electricity. Regular compressed air system use lots of energy to feed the compressor than compresses the air.

Do you know how many costs for your compressed air system and the energy costs? For good compressed air it’s therefore necessary that the energy consumption of the system and air treatment equipment take into account.

Single compressor compressed air analysis and energy efficiency analysis

For compressed air analysis, fist we need to place precise flow meters to get reliable measured data.

CAE350S Compressor Analyzing System. The TGF350 thermal mass flow meter capable of DN40~DN200 measured compressor FAD flow, clam-on power meter will take the electricity consumption. By means of COMATE APP all measured data will transmission to PC or Pad with 24*7 with non-stop. The alarm delay setting will let you know first before compressor breakdown. Compressor analyzing system included all data required can freely export in daily/weekly/monthly and send by email and do not need to by third-party software.

CAE350S Air Compressor Analyzing System operating status comate flow meter analyzing softwear comate flow meter analyzing software report

Compressed air management and energy efficiency analysis at compressor station

Comate On-line compressor loT system are designed for compressor station and offered instrument monitoring, compressed air auditing and optimization, company internal management service. It’s an highly customized, organized visual platform integrated topology monitoring, on-line display of compressor/sensor control panel, alarm delay, instrument life management and CRM system.

Because the compressed air saves your money and time, the investment from user will pay off in a short time!

The loT system will help the compressor distributor and end-user both side to expand their market. Because the com pressed air saves your money and time, the investment from user will pay off in a short time.

Compressor On-line Management System

By means of loT system compressor distributor can easily track and known the performance of every compressor they have sold and inform and make a suggestion with the help of alarm delay setting before instrument break down.

Almost all kind of sensor input available, monitoring all the instruments on site. All of this statics data integrated into energy efficiency report. Daily/weekly/monthly/annual report for option.

CRM system to organized customer resource and business opportunity better. Better service offered improve customer’s loyalty.

For end-user

Virtual topology graph display the all instruments operating status in real-time. Click any instruments to check detailed data. By mean of internet user can get access to check all history data. Alarm delay setting help user know anything wrong.

All of measured data organized into a mix of standard or custom reports by a customized period. Evaluate the efficiency of system based on solid and comprehensive data.


CRM system to manage customers and potential leads. And manage the overall status of the instruments that have been installed on site.

Comate compressor management CRM system

Design your own topology graph to display every parameter in the system, helping to know the instruments operating status better and know it before it break down.

Comate compressor management CRM system

Monitoring each instruments connected and display all measured value in real -time and are indicated in different colors in charts . Important data will show in red words make sure you wouldn’t miss it.

Most important is the loT system carries out on energy and flow analysis for all connected instruments like flow sensors, power meter,dew point meter, leak detector,etc optionally as daily, weekly or monthly report.

Comate compressor management CRM system