There some problems occurs when vortex flow meters in measuring COG(coke-oven gas). The flow meter itself or the associated device. The operating environment itself and it often hard to find out.

A professional flow meter manufacturer not just offere the high value, accruable, reliable flow meter but also can offer solutions with experience after analysis, reasoning, multi-test to the scene! For the non-flow meter fault the often occurred is  signal output unstable.

1, The vortex flow meter are not recommend to install in where there is strong vibration. Report said the vortex flow meter sensor will interference from the field that magnetic changes frequently as a result the signal measurement will higher than normal time.

2, COG contains many impurities and easy to condensed on vortex shedding body caused reduced the accuracy and when the temperature rises impurities volatilize the sensitivity increased and signal will enhancement. On the contrary, the signal will weaken as a result the statics is unstable.

3, COG often contain some vapor due to the high temperature and humidity.  Pulsatile flow will generated when the gas flow causes the vapor to move back and forth. Vortex flow meter are hardly to show the actual flow rate in this situation.

4, Vortex flowmeter wiring problems caused signal transmission intermittent.

Solutions to solve this:

1, Drain off the vapor in the pipeline regularly especially the upstream pipeline

2, Clean the vortex shedding body regularly in case of impurity condensation.

3, Make sure every section of vortex meter in design, wiring and install is accurate.

Comate  VFM60 series vortex flow meter bulit-in dual probe sensor system enable the flow meter get the correct signal in the vibration operating situation.