Steam consumption measurement by flow meter

Measuing steam usage with multivariable vortex meter which designed combines temperature, pressure compensation for steam mass flow measurement are becoming increasingly important in measuring steam(saturated steam or super heated steam) and gas flow.

Although differential pressure (DP) flowmeters are still take a big part in steam flow application, but multivariable flow meters have some clear advantages compared to DP flowmeters and Orifice, V-Cone, Wedge etc. For example, the multi-variable vortex mass flow meters have very lower pressure drop than Orifice and 30:1 quite turndown ratio. Not even the high accuracy 1%RD can in custody transfer in most gas flow area. They can tolerate the high temperature in superheated steam. There are some other important developments in vortex like dual sensor vortex meters that provide.

Traditional vortex meter & New multivariable vortex meter

  • tradition vortex meter with flow meter and external temeprature or pressure transmitter for compensation

steam consumption measurement meter, vortex meter for steam mass

  • multivairable vortex meter combines both tempeerature & pressure compensation, a better measurement solution for saturated steam, superheated steam sytsems.

multivariable vortex meter for steam consumption measurement

With improved versions of Vortex Meter many critical challenges have been resolved. Multivariable vortex meter is a great choice on steam and other gas applications use and advancement in Multivariable Transmitter they could achieve great results.

COAMTE Multivariable Digital Vortex Type Flow Meter

The advantage at a glance

  • Built-in temp & pressure compensation transmitter
  • Patent dual probe design excellent anti-vibration performance
  • Measurement limit down to 2m/s wide turndown ratio(for steam: 2~70m/s)


  • Steam consumption and custody transfer measurement
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Nature gas process control and custody transfer
  • Measurement of other process gases
  • Gas drainage in coal mines

vortex steam flow meter