Steam Custody Transfer Meter

Steam as the mainly energy is used in many manufacturing process for many different applications. The accuracy of steam flow measurement directly related to benefits supplier and demander of steam. Comate the professional fluids measurement provider. Comate R&D team is able to anticipate and fulfill the requirements of user’s individual processing task. Provide it to you to using our expertise to get the best one.

The density of steam will influence the results of measurement and the density of steam varies with the temperature and pressure changes. Have temperature and pressure compensation in steam measurement is important. Under same pressure the density of steam will be different when seam is saturated or superheated. Then the compensation model will be different too.

For saturated steam measurement there will three ways:

High accurate temperature and pressure compensation;

Temperature compensation;

Pressure compensation;

For superheated steam measurement high accurate temperature and pressure compensation will be the only way since the different pressure and different temperature with different density.

Comate VFM60MV multivariable digital steam custody transfer meter with temperature and pressure compensation are designed for steam measurement. Besides, unique dual probe design SSP(Spectral Signal Processing) make sure in high accuracy in 1%RD and capable of working where there is vibration.

Comate advanced SSP technology

vortex flowmeter anti-vibration testvortex flowmeter anti-vibration test (2)

Each digital vortex flowmeters will be calibrated and pre-programmed before shipment. Comate sonic nozzle calibration system.

comate sonic nozzle calibration system

Comate digital vortex flowmeters anti-vibration contrast test

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