Steam is the most used thermal carrier in all industries, including power, steal, automotive, textile, chemical etc. It is very important to have reliable and accurate measurement on steam for the users to improve cost saving.

The change of pressure and temperature has great effect on the density of steam. Thus it is very important to implement T&P density compensation to get accurate measurement result of steam.

Comparing with traditional DP meters and mechanical meters, vortex flow meter has clearly advantage in steam applications. It can provide with accurate measurement in a wide turn down while cause less pressure loss and require less maintaining. That is why vortex flow meter is the most welcomed technology for the measurement of steam, especially the steam at temperature under 350 dgr C.

Difference between saturated steam and supherheated steam

When water is heated beyond the boiling point, it vaporizes into steam or water in the gaseous state. Saturated steam generated when water is heated to the boiling point and when further heated above the saturation point, it becomes super-heated steam.

difference between the saturated steam & superheated steam

Technologies in measure steam flow in boiler system

Application of superheated steam and saturated steam.

  • Heating
  • Humidification
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial power

Steam measurement requires temperature & pressure compensation

The purpose of steam flow meter with temperature and pressure compensation is for when the volume deviate the actual flow compensation will correct the result well. Steam in gas status, the density varies with the changes of temperature and pressure itself. If don’t have the compensation will cause a huge error. Take a example, saturated steam in 1Mpa, when pressure drop to 0.8Mpa, density will reduce 82% compared with default value, if flow meter without temperature and pressure compensation like differential pressure flow meter the reading value will increase 10.4%, for vortex will increase 21.9%. Apparently, it’s essential to have the temperature and pressure compensation.

There is one problem we meet when for steam measurement, for example superheated steam may transfer to saturated steam due to heat loss during long way delivery or even turn to liquid-vapor phase. Is there any problems if still deal with superheated steam method? Saturated steam will decompression treatment then to use it but after that will it also in saturated steam status?

Solution One-

VFM60MV vortex flow meter in steam flow measurement

VFM60MV series vortex flow meter is the best solution for steam application.

  • Unique dual sensor technology excellent in anti-vibration;
  • 1% high accuracy can can be used in steam/gas custody transfer;
  • Built-in temperature & pressure transmitter designed measuring mass flow directly;
  • Limit to 2m/s, rurndown ration in 1:35,widest measurement range to fit in most tough applications;
  • Support to measure temperature up to 350°C degree that solved when case over 250°C need external temperature & pressure for compensation;

Solution Two-

VFM60N in steam flow measurement

VFM60N one model without temp&pressure transmitter application in where there is high temperature up to 350°C and also in 1%RD accuracy. Flow rate, temperature and pressure signal all delivery to PLC system.

On-line Billing System application in steam boiler monitoring system

Sometimes to reach each devices in the site is kind of time wasting. Comate support users On-line Billing system by means of Comate Combox on-line data logger , it will read out data from flow meter on site and store in web-serve. Users who can check real itme/historic report in front of PC or just one cellphone.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report support and send by email or output by USB without a third-part software help.

Comate compressor management CRM system-

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