Vortex Flow Meter Anti-Vibration test

Working principle of vortex flow meter based on the Kármán Vortex Street, when fluids goes by the shedding bar/bluff body, an alternately arranged vortex generated behind the sides of the shedding bar and also with the pressure pulsation. Inside piezoelectric element mean to it measures the velocity of flow by measuring the frequency of output signal and then signal will be processed by the pre-amplifier and sent to the intelligent terminal board. So the vibration during operation or electromagnetic interference is the major problem that many vortex meters faced.

Anti-Vibration Structure

Comate introduced an unique method an anti-vibration structure. There two piezoelectrionic sensors installed in the vortex probe, one is called flow sensor to measure both flow rate and vibration signal and the other to detect the vibration signal. This method intelligent can analysis the spectrum of the two types signal and get the real flow rate signal.

multivariable digital vortex type flow meter

Comate vortex flow meter anti-vibration contrast test