Steam is the most used thermal carrier in all industries, including power, steal, automotive, textile, chemical etc. And with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more steam measurement flowmeters are on the market. It is very important to know select a suitbale, reliable and accurate measurement on steam for the users to improve cost saving.


It’s not easy work to have the right mode from these suppliers, it is necessary to understand the working parameters and the technology of the flow meter and the fluid characteristics of the production process and economical should take into account too. In total, below three factors are the key point

Vortex flow meter performance

The measurement range of vortex flow meters

Volume of steam varies with pressure and temperature changes. Thus a vortex flow meter implement T&P density compensation so can deliver accurate measurement result of steam. The flow go though the pipeline is hard to predit, and when volume of steam way to small might out of the min measurement range of that meter(most on the market is 4 or 6m/s), and vice versa. Over or below the calibration range will not ensure the accuracy, and if things go on like this and continue, it will bring huge economic losses to owners.

The rangeability of vortex flow meter

The turndown ratio refers to the ratio of the maximum flow rate and the minimum flow rate that can be measured within the range that the flowmeter can ensure a given accuracy and reproducibility. The larger the value, the wider the flow rate range.

The turndown ratio is based on the actual flow rate. The maximum velocity of a traditional flowmeter is 35m/s. While the minimum flow velocity capacity are different on the small sizes. Can be sure is the large rangeability of a vortex meter will be more suitable on the site.

vortex steam mass flow meter measurement range

Traditional vortex meter velocity range is around: 6m/s~60m/s, Comate new kind multivariable vortex flow meter can be 2m/s~120m/s with 1.0% reading accuracy. Patent dual-sensor technology with digital signal processing method support that solved the problem of measurement loss caused by vibration and unstable flow in the pipeline.

comate multivariable vortex flow meter technology for steam mass flow measurement

Vortex flow meter installation

The flowmeter should also pay attention to the requirements of the installation conditions such as the installation direction of the flowmeter, the flow direction of the fluid, the vortex meter straight length requirements, the valve position, protective accessories, Pulsating flow effects, vibration, electrical disturbances and flowmeter maintenance, etc. In addition, many types of flow measuring instruments need to be installed with matching thermometers, pressure transmitters and flow meters, which not only increases the cost, but also greatly increases the risk of failures in future.

Comate mutlti-variable build-in temperature & pressure compensation, it’s reduce the installation work a lot and the risk of failures. Meanwhile, it also saves a lot of money in puchasing cost.

COMATE VFM60MV multivariable vortex meter for steam mass calculate

Vortex flow meter maintenance

For a precision instrument like vortex meter, it is certain that there will be these or that problems comes in future, even for those “famous brand”. Therefore, whether there are means to repair and correct it on the spot, because once the flowmeter is installed and then removed for maintenance, it will be very troublesome. Not only arrange sales-manager to the site for further inspection, but also the maintenance time is long. At the same time, due to technical limitations, problems are often detected but cannot be solved.

Comate new kind multi-variable combines Comate start-in-art PHM life-circle system. Users access flow meter via mobile and by means of remote-diagnosis, users able can talk to Comate engineers to check and analysis remotely, find and locat the problems spot in a quick, saving the unnecessary time and costs on site travel.

multivariable vortex steam meters with PHM life circle management system

During remote analysis, Comate engineer have found some very incredible signal from a vortex meter installed on a heating system, the flow signal shows circle abnormal fluctuations. Information from site is no valve in downstream and gas-usage are in normal consumption. After analysis, it might because vortex sensor damaged because water hammer impact that keeps deliver fluctuation signals, or could be some staff blocked the vortex sensor generate a unstable fluid field. Good to know that we found there’s towel stoped by vortex sheed bar it might left during installation.

remote diagnosis technology on comate multivariable vortex type steam meter

Besides, such as blocked by rust slag, by oxidant of suction dryer, cutting blade, or too much water in pipeline, etc. all founded by PHM management system as they creats the abnoraml signal. In addition, Comate also offer you a strong convinced when need to submit to users and need to further negotiation.

after sale problem

With efficient and professional remote service, Comate not only improves the operation efficiency, but also saves the user’s cost greatly.