ZHUMADIAN CIMC HUAJUN VEHICLE CO.,LTD  branch of CIMC group located in Henai province China. Asking flow meters to measure flow of mix gases( Oxygen, CO2 and Argon).


  • There different size pipeline with different velocity from the gas tank
  • Customer need to know the detailed usage on each pipeline at different time period
  • Costs control also need to take into account

Solutions: after complete investigation and considering the install and velocity of medium, Comate recommend the TGF600 series one model thermal mass flow meter designed for bio gas/natural gas/mix gases application.

TGF600 thermal mass flowmeter capable of DN25~DN500 pipe. One model suitable for all pipeline. With ball valve then don’t need to stop the line.


Accessing data of all this flow meters in different site for users is kind of time consuming and human cost!

By means of Combox on-ine data logger, customer can check and view each flow meter in front of table/cell phone or computer rather than check it on site.

        compressed air analyzing system

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